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Web Strategy

       Designing of Home Page :  
  It will be the very first phase of website. The home page of the web site will be designed to your satisfaction. Color combination, fonts and their sizes will be decided on this level.
       Deciding the Links :  
This module will go in tandem with the first phase. The links to be displayed on the Home Page will be decided at this level.
       Collection Of Information according to the decided Links  
This phase will be to gather the information for each Link on the Home page and understand in detail the way the Web Site is expected to perform.
        Designing of Static pages  
After requirements are studied and the information is collected, a functional specification of the web site will be drafted. The static pages will be reviewed by the Clients officials for completeness.
       Collection of Data for the designing of Dynamic pages  
This phase is the most important phase of the designing and development of web site's dynamic pages. Data has to be collected in specified format and provided to us for the development of dynamic pages. The functional specification of dynamic pages will be reviewed by the Client for accuracy of data.
        Testing of Web Site  
Each page, when completed, will be tested thoroughly at CIPL and the same will be checked by the Clients. This is to ensure that, both, static and dynamic pages are progressing as per the requirements and the changes can be incorporated in the web site at the earliest.
        Uploading of Web Site on the Server  
As soon as the pages are tested, the web site will go online for the general public.
Our Clients :
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