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HR Consultancy

Cosmo Consultancy is an Educational Training & HR consultancy organization. CIPL offers consultancy services from Educational Training for "Educational Institutes" to HR Solutions & Training for Corporate.

As an Educational & Training Consultants, CIPL provide Training on the development of various skills through its Skill Development Programs under professional training. We provide educational training as well as placements services under one roof with the help of our project training program.

CIPL's strength lies in the fact that by being in touch both with the academia and with Industry through its Training Programmers, inputs are derived both by Understanding the aspirations of a budding professional and by the expectations of the Corporate organizations. CIPL boasts of an excellent database, well spread and committed team to provide quality and reliable services.
We have:
  • A team of Well Qualified and Experienced Consultants specializing in respective sectors of industry.
  • Vast Database of Qualified Executives & Professionals.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Current Market Practices & Competencies requirements
  • Thorough Understanding of Aspirations of Budding Professionals.
  • Tie-Up with various Professional Education Institutes for Entry Level Resources.


HR Services & Solutions to the Corporate.
  • Campus Selection Process.
  • Off-Campus Recruitment Drive.
  • Walk-In Process Management.
  • Short listing and Managing application /resume received through Web or Print.
  • Preliminary Assessment of the Candidates on parameters relevant to Job Profile.
  • Value Added Services like Corporate Training & Development in the following.

Soft Skills Development Training
  • Positive Attitude Building
  • Corporate Etiquette Training
  • Time Management Skills
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Target Orientation

Technnical Skills Development Training
  • Embedded Platform
  • .Net
  • J2EE

Fields Of Specialization
The various practices we specialize in are-
  • IT
  • Manufacturing (Shoe , Handicraft)
  • Hotels
Advantages Of Working With Us
In this world of abundant opportunities there is a big gap between demand and supply of the suitable talent. In order to tackle the constraints and save the valuable time of our clients, we have started various initiatives to help our clients to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible for them. These initiatives will also enable our clients recruit in large volumes and that too comfortably. The following can be seen as the various pros for a client while working with us

Handling of large volume of candidates at ease, Reduction in administrative and hiring costs by shortening recruitment cycle time, Interface with only suitable candidates for a profile as we conduct (if preferred by client) our own initial assessment tests, Getting quality candidates as we calibrate our consultants with competencies required by clients. Getting the suitable entry level professionals as we also have candidates already assessed by us (during our Skill Development Program) from the Campus.
Our Clients :
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